The Integrative Perspective Trailer Premiered at Illuminate Film Festival, Sedona Az

After pulling together dozens of transformational interviews with many of the worlds leading experts on integrative and alternative solutions to cancer, the first trailer of the feature length film “The Integrative Perspective” was released and showcased at the Illuminate Film Festival, Saturday May 31st 2014.

Illuminate Film Festival is highlighting some of the leading edge films in conscious media such as Deepak Chopra’s new film “Death Makes Life Possible”

The Integrative Perspective highlights a group of Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Holistic Practitioners, Neuro-Science Researchers, Cancer Survivors, and Health Advocates that are at the leading edge of cancer prevention and cancer healing, to share their most ground breaking research, stories, success rates, and insights about what is causing this increase in cancer rates, how to prevent it, and the solutions for potentially reversing cancer forever.

These experts all agree on one thing… integrative and alternative solutions to cancer is the safest and most effective way to preventing, healing, and reversing this debilitating disease.

You are invited to get involved today to not only transform your life, but positively impact the lives of those around you.

Together we will make a positive impact and difference for the future of humanity.

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