Executive Producer: Panacea Community, LLC DBA Inner Wisdom

The Panacea Community produces highly transformational films, events and educational resources to support people on their journeys towards living a healthy, happy and sustainable life. We believe that every person has a unique purpose and expression on the planet, and we strive towards helping each person manifest their highest potential.

Executive Producer: HealthForce Superfoods is a grassroots, independently owned and operated whole food botanical company. We offer a diverse and truly effective product line inspired by the incredible symbiotic power of herbs and superfoods. Welcome to nutrition the way Nature intended! Our mission is fueled by a passion for purity and heart-centered collaboration, with a strong foundation of service and integrity. We are proud to offer clean, ethically produced products designed to help you thrive in a modern world.

Distributor:  Cinema Libre Studio is a mini studio known for producing and distributing high-quality feature films and social impact documentaries. The company is in pre-production on a feature film about the Angola 3 and a feature length documentary on CNN camerawoman Margaret Moth. Headquartered in the Los Angeles area, the team has released over 200 films including: THE END OF POVERTY?, CAN’T STAND LOSING YOU: SURVIVING THE POLICE, TELL MY STORY, now airing on PBS station WETA and Canada’s 2020 Oscar ®submission, ANTIGONE.
Learn more at:, or find us @CinemaLibre on Twitter and Instagram.

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