Tom’s Healing Journey: the miracle of life

The most relatable inspiration often comes through stories. And, I know you will be moved by Tom’s story about how his health challenges, general unhappiness, and underlying anxiety were masked for many decades by notoriety, fortune, and success … until his body completely shut down.

Tom is a man of determination and action, so even after many treatments, surgeries, and life-style modifications more and more debilitating challenges surfaced to demand his attention.  He was repeatedly being called to look deeper into the emotional and energetic congestion that was expressed by his striving, pushing, and continuously feeling hollow. Even after receiving the best possible medical interventions to resolve cancer, back issues, Lyme disease, black mold infections, and galbladder failure he was still in extremely poor health — taking medications to reduce tremors, fatigue, depression, panic attacks, digestive and urinary issues, brain fog, PTSD, severe nerve pain, and sleep apnea.

I’d like to invite you hear his very personal story — to watch this brand new mini-documentary of Tom’s Healing Journey what it took to peel back and heal a lifetime of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical distress.

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