Healing Cancer by Empowering Yourself to Heal from the Inside Out – Dr. Ifeoma Ikenze

Dr Ikenze has been practicing integrative health since 1985.

She received her medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1978. Dr Ikenze completed her residency and fellowship in General Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital in Boston under the auspices of Harvard University.

As a new physician she became interested in the history of health and healing in the context of the psychosocial development of mankind, with a special interest in the place of women as nurturers, caretakers and healers.  In her research and practice she sought ways of treating the whole patient as opposed to addressing symptoms. This led her to a conviction and understanding of the relationship between physiological, psychological and spiritual health. This new found understanding led to the formal study of homeopathy. In 1985 Dr  Ikenze began her life long practice and study of homeopathy in Montreal and received her homeopathic diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 1993.

Dr Ikenze continues to incorporate the integration of allopathic (orthodox conventional western medicine) and homeopathic medicine with herbal and nutritional treatments to address patient’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical unity.