Crown Princess Katherine: Breast Cancer Clubs – The Integrative Perspective

Katherine, Crown Princess of Yugoslavia is the wife of Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine was born in Athens, Greece 13 November 1943. She is the daughter of Robert and Anna Batis.

Princess Katherine’s charitable activities have been numerous, especially since the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Her Royal Highness has brought much needed relief especially to children, the elderly and all those in need regardless of religion or ethnic origin. Princess Katherine is the Patron of several humanitarian organizations including Lifeline Humanitarian Organization with offices in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London and Athens. At the beginning of August 2001 The Foundation of Her Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Katherine was established in Belgrade with the aim to continue and increase humanitarian activities.

Princess Katherine is working towards ending breast cancer in women in Yugoslavia and shares insightful possibilities in the film Cancer; The Integrative Perspective.