Burton Goldberg’s Hope for the Future About Cancer

In honor of Burton Goldberg who passed on November 13th, 2016 he shares his hope for the future along with decades of wisdom and experience he’s gained about cancer in the film Cancer: The Integrative Perspective

BURTON GOLDBERG, who is an internationally recognized expert in the field of alternative medicine, known as the “Voice of Alternative Medicine.” Having spent more than 30 years researching every aspect of holistic and integrative medicine, and visiting leading health clinics throughout the world, he has for more than a decade been in the forefront of the movement to educate and empower the public to take control of their health. Empowered by his awareness that “You don’t have to be sick,” Goldberg is on a mission to reform conventional medicine and help people reclaim their health. He continues lecturing audiences across the U.S., Canada, and Europe about the many health benefits afforded by alternative medicine. What put Goldberg on the fast track to national prominence was the 1994 publication of his best-selling Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide.

With over 750,000 copies sold, this 1,250 page reference work on how to treat 200 health conditions with alternative medicine has been hailed as “the bible of alternative medicine.” In addition, Goldberg founded Alternative Medicine magazine, and he has published a series of more than 20 books that provide in-depth, definitive information about our nation’s most serious health conditions. This series includes the landmark publication, An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer, in which 37 top alternative medicine physicians explain their proven, safe, non-toxic, and successful treatments for reversing cancer today.